Computer on a 1992 camry


My name is Jason and I live in AL. My sister (Kristy) has a 1992 toy Camry w/a bad computer based on what her mechanic states. Is it worth it to try to find a used computer at the junk yard and how much should it cost used. She has a lot of rust damage on the car but the engine/trans run well. Is the car worth repairing? The mechanic also states that it needs a new ignition as the ignition is sticking-car was stolen in the past. Kristy lives in Chicago and I was going to locate the parts in al and ship them to her. What do you guys think?

Thx, from Bammy

Well, here’s a used ECM on eBay. I’ve never had any problems with eBay procured parts but I always do my homework first by reading seller feedback, how long they’ve been on eBay, etc.

Any idea what the symptoms are and why the computer is diagnosed as bad? Computer failure is a rare thing to happen with any car and computers often get blamed when they are not the problem.

She could bring the symptoms of the problem here; or, even, her “mechanic” could. I agree with ok4450 that it’s probably not the computer.