Computer code / CELight

A few months ago I wrote in regards to my CE light being on continually though the car ran perfectly. I was advised to get the computer codes read and post them back here for the answer.Today I found someone to do that with out charging me $100. The code reads “P0171 System Too Lean (Bank)”. Can anyone out there help? Many thanks. Gillian

Are you experiencing any engine or drivability problems?

Thanks for asking. No, my car (2000 Echo)runs perfectly and drives like a dream.

Being almost 10 years old, have your mechanic check the vacuum lines. This code pops up when unmetered air gets into the intake system, and cracked or broken vacuum lines can do this. Also, dirty fuel injectors can do this. If the vacuum lines look good, maybe a bottle of Techron with the next fill-up will help.

To vacuum leaks and dirty injectors add on having someone clean the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF sensor). It is easy - you could do it yourself.