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Compression leak in cylinder 3w

There is 94k original miles on my vehicle. There is a compression leak in cylinder 3 after having the valve cover gasket, timing belt, and hydrollic clutch replaced. What could be the cause of it.? My truck was fine before the repairs.

The only thing you list that can effect compression in a cylinder is the timing belt being installed incorrectly.


How do I know if it was installed improperly? Im a female and the shop that I took it to now wants to charge me $2500 to fix the problem. I believe it is their mistake. The truck was fine before. No compression leaks and it has only 94k original miles

You have to remove the timing covers, and see if the timing marks line up on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets.

I would suggest you have this done at a different shop, so you get an unbiased opinion.


Thank you. Is it ok to drive?


Loss of compression in a cylinder will cause a major misfire. And this can destroy the catalytic converter(s).


Thank you I wont drive it then. Thanks for your help.

Did they tell you what needs fixing and how do you know one cylinder is low on compression?

So! There was no problem when the truck was left for the repairs but when leaving that shop the problem was evident. Is that correct?