Collision or not?

does the little stickers that are on the doors with the vin numbers on them, mean that they are they origial doors on the car… i have a 2003 toyota corolla. all the doors have these stickers. i can tell there was a littel body work done on one side. on that same side the headlight was replaced. when i bought it, carfax didnt report any accidents or such… is there any way to tell if a car was in an accident? thanks

If the stickers on the doors have the correct VIN for the car, then I would assume the doors are original. Not all damage gets reported to Carfax, even crash damage. Carfax is only as good as the information fed into it, and in some cases a lot gets left out.

So bottom line is that the doors are original, but if you see the work done, then there is work done.

It should match the VIN on the dashboard. Many vehicles often have the VIN stamped in other obscure places such as under the rear seat, on the firewall, and whatnot but I can’t say for sure where any other VIN numbers are located on an '03 Corolla.