Collapsing oil cartridges in Toyota Camry

I have a 2010 4 cyl camry SE. Has been very reliable. 600,000km no problems. However, it is collapsing oil cartridges in 125k-150km making them soft and Malleable Compression is excellent. New injectors. Pressure excellent New coils and plugs. Does not burn oil. Oil cartridges appear to have fuel in them. Has anyone experienced this problem?

600,000km . . . unless that’s some kind of a typo, you drive a LOT

Please explain what you mean by collapsing oil cartridges

I suspect your engine uses oil cartridges, as opposed to spin-on filters, correct?

I’m asking, because you seem to be located outside of the US. And your Toyota might have an engine we’re not familiar with

If your cartridges have fuel in them, that would suggest fuel is finding its way into the crankcase. Leaking injector(s) . . . ?

You could tee in a fuel pressure gauge and perform a fuel injector balance test

What kind of tools are you equipped with?

Are you talking about oil filter cartridges? My 2012Camry does not crush the cartridges but I have only used Toyota or K & N filters. My son in laws 2010 Corolla mangles the cartridges but he has been buying Purolaters.

Since you have accumulated so many miles despite this problem, it is possible that the importance of oil filters is greatly overrated. I may be prejudiced because I have ownerd two cars that did not come with oil filters.