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Cold weather starting trouble

i posted this question a few weeks ago and got some good advice but i left out some info that might be more helpful so i’m re-submiting my question again:

I have a 1988 Jeep Comanche Pick-Up truck with 211,000 miles. it has an inline 6 cyl 4.0L fuel injected engine. it runs like a champ except: lately it doesn?t want to start in the morning if the weather is cold. i live near the beach and we get a fair amount of fog but it doesn?t get too cold here though sometimes it gets in the mid to low 50?s at night. i have within the last month replaced: spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap & rotor; oil, air & fuel filters and the gas cap. the battery is good with a full charge. when i try to start it first thing in the morning, the starter cranks just fine but the engine won?t kick over. if I leave it to set for awhile till the temperature warms up (near 65 or higher), or if I park it in the garage overnight, it will start up just fine and runs great all day. also about a couple of months i had a leaky radiator so I dumped in a couple of bottles of stop-leak until I could afford to replace the radiator. I did replace the radiator and the bottom hose. a week later I blew the top hose and sprayed coolant all over the engine. I did replace the top hose as well. I haven?t replaced the thermostat or flushed the coolant system. it has been suggested it may either be the coil, the fuel pressure regulator or the coolant temperature sensor causing the problem. I don?t have a lot of mechanical knowledge so I am at a complete loss. hope you can help.

thank you

I suggest that the temperature is not the problem, but the humidity. You can try two things, maybe at the same time. On a dark night, go out and open the hood. Have someone crank the engine and look for sparks. You may have arcing in the high voltage system, distributor or coil. Have a heavy-duty mister or sprayer of some sort short of a garden hose. Selectively spray parts of the engine, right after you start it until it runs crappy or stalls. What you have just sprayed is the culprit.