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Cold weather grease

What would be a good grease for cold weather? I’m talking 40 50 below 0

I just bought a vehicle and it needs greased. Front end/ball joints, etc.


What year, make, & model is the vehicle? Today’s cars don’t require “grease jobs”.

96 laredo.
I guess its a yesterday vehicle

At 40 To 50 Below, Suspension Grease Selection Is Probably The least Of Considerations To Deal With, Here.

We sometimes hit 15 to 20 below where I live. However, I started and drove my car at 42 below in my locale one time. It’s not pretty. The car survived, but I won’t do it, again, without preparing. Have you got all other precautions taken care of for starting and driving ?

What have you planned so far for the rest of the vehicle?


I’ve been in Fairbanks Alaska 5+yrs. I drive in -40 -50 for weeks on end…daily.
I installed trans heater, block heater, oil pan heater.
Anti-freeze is good to -50+

Ball joints, tie rod ends (whatever has grease zirks on front end look dry.
Lithium more plyable in cold weather?

I did a search for “cold weether grease” and found numerous alternatives specifically designed for use in arctic temps. You may want to try a similar search and visit some of the websites.

When I get to a signal for the laptop. Search on phone isn’t near as fun as y’all.