Cold 97 Chevrolet Blazer

Vehicle will not get warm, need help.

I have changed the water pump. Tested and changed the thermostat. Changed radiator hoses, flushed system, bled the air out.

The vehicle gets warm when you drive it on the highway.

Co-incidence, or karma? Same problem on the 1997 Chevy S-10 in “No heat from heater during idle”! Do you think that some of that might be pertinent to your vehicle?

Do the heater hoses get warm? When you say the “vehicle gets warm when you drive it on the highway” do you mean the cabin or the engine?

I had this problem with my 1998 Blazer. The problem was that the heating coil was blocked because of the dex-cool that is used in those vehicles. The best solution is to do a coolant flush and put in regular antifreeze. I have not had a problem since.