Code p0171

I have a 96 Toyota Camry 5sfe engine and this code keeps coming up. I have replace the o2 sensors coolant temp sensor. The car will start right up in the morning but after driving 20 miles of so and i stop and turn the car off go in the store of what ever try an start then immediately dies and i cant get it to start for at least an hour. I seems to be worse when it is hotter outside. I have been told to check the o2 and the MAF. replace the o2s but tis car does not have a MAF i am pretty car savvy but i cant get this one Please help

More information on Toyota code P0171 over here:

Change the fuel filter and check the fuel pressure to the injector rail. Check for vacuum leaks. Clean the injectors with BG-44K or Chevron Techron. Add these products when the fuel level is below 1/4 tank to get the best effect…

fuel filter and pump are new

Have the fuel pressure checked anyway…Injectors must have the proper pressure to provide the correct amount of fuel. A sharp mechanic can check “fuel trim” to see if the ECM is trying to correct the problem…

Check the EGR and all the mechanisims that control it. I just had the same problem on my
Windstar. Turned out to be the pressure relieve valve that controls the EGR.