CODE 34 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan

I need to get this stupid van to pass smog, but it keeps showing code 34 (speed control open or shorted). From what I can find on the internet, that refers to the speed control servo, which is for cruise control. The issue? My van does NOT have cruise control! How do I fix this? I thought maybe I had the wrong ECU, but I checked and it is the correct one.

Send good thoughts your way, everyone, because I swear, EVERY SINGLE TIME I fix something, another thing breaks within the month.

All OBD1 Chrysler products without speed control will display that fault because there is nothing connected to the speed control circuit wires. This won’t illuminate the check engine light, does your emission inspection program involve checking for fault codes?

Honestly, this is my first OBD1 car, and I know they check for fault codes in OBD2, so it hadn’t occurred to me that they might not look for it. Thank God, though, this has been driving me nuts, because all the internet research in the world doesn’t bother to mention that.

As relieved as I am to hear that, now I’m a little annoyed, because I could’ve smogged it weeks ago. Grr.

I would print out this discussion and other information to present to the inspectors if they flag it for the code, just in case. You say every time you fix something, something else breaks. Unfortunately that’s what you get with a 25+ year old vehicle as a daily driver, regardless of who made it. I’ve been there myself :smile:

I don’t think it will fail smog because of the code

Why do I think so . . . ?

Because the check engine light is not lit

Because I SERIOUSLY doubt the inspector is going to the trouble to figure out a way to retrieve any possible fault codes on an OBD1 vehicle

Not to mention, that there are MANY codes, which do not result in a lit mil. For example, on many, perhaps all vehicles vehicles, a knock sensor code does not command the mil on. So you could go to the smog station with that code and be okay. Provided everything else is also good