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Cocversion to electric propulsion

I found this on the inter net and am wondering if this is legimate?

Hi, my name is Peter and I’m going to help YOU eliminate your gas bill completely. Not only that, the IRS will pay you (give you tax credits) for driving a clean fuel vehicle. My Electricity4Gas manual is going to show you everything you need to know about converting your car to run on electricity, in your very own garage or backyard.

um, what?

He (Peter) could put his manual on for anyone to do a review before springing for the price of the manual.
Peter will have to show me that the electric motors, batteries, etc. are something that aren’t already on the market in a vehicle, and meet all the other considerations of safety, legality, etc.

You are too late Pete. Gas will be selling for less than $2 by next week…It’s back to business as usual…