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Coasting in Nuetural

I have a 1990 Plymouth Laser or Mitsubishi Eclipse. it is a five speed 2.0 liter turbo. I have the habit of coasting in nuetural when i’m coming up on a stoplight or stop sighn. Does that harm the engine in anyway?


No, it won’t hurt the engine, but it won’t do the transmission any good. It is also harder on brakes unless you put it in neutral a block before you have to stop.
SORRY, I thot you were talkin’ about an automatic.


It would only harm the engine if you got into an accident because of it. In some states it could be illegal because you have slightly less control over the car. (It would take you a little longer to accelerate if you needed to.)

It could be a real safety issue if you are doing it when going down long hills and using the brakes to slow down.

Usually there is no reason to do it. I would suggest leaving it in gear.


Does this car have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission? It is a manual transmission, there is really no harm.

When you shift an automatic transmission from neutral back into gear, the whole drivetrain takes a jolt. Although the drivetrain is designed to withstand this jolt repeatedly for many years, doing this more than necessary will accelerate wear and lead to premature failure. So if your car has an automatic transmission, stop doing this and just leave it in gear.

“it is a five speed 2.0 liter turbo.”

It’s a manual.

It won’t hurt the tranny but but there could be great harm to yourself after you wreck since you will not have control of the vehicle. Keep it in gear.