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Coasting in Neutral

My friend (as well as his little brother) are shifting into neutral and coasting when coming to stops. They do this usually when they are in speeds less than 45mph. For instance, when they are on the last stretch of road before arriving home, they put the car in neutral and coast at around 30mph for about a quarter mile (its slightly downhill). I always yell at them, and say its a bad habbit. Should I continue to complain? or should I just bite my tongue? Thanks

Coasting in neutral takes away some of the control you have over the car. For example, if you suddenly need to take evasive action to avoid someone else’s bad driving, you won’t be able to. Besides, it does not save gas.

So, it is a bad habit.

As to whether you should continue to complain or bite your tongue, there are some things in life you can’t really control. But if your friend’s driving seems unsafe, you have some thinking to do and decisions to make. There are reasons younger drivers have more accidents than more experienced drivers.

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Also, it does no good, saves no gas. A wasted effort.

They probably learned this from whoever taught them to drive. It’s a habit that you probably won’t be able to break them of just by yelling at them. They will change their ways only when they decide it’s in their benefit to do so.

They’re not really hurting anything, so is it worth it to yell at them constantly?

I can only add that is some states, it is illegal.

I’m curious as to how the “no neutral” laws are written. I mean, if I have to stop for a red light on a rural rd. w/ a 55 limit, I’m not going 5th–>4th,3,2,1…I’ll probably go form 5th to neutral before I start lugging and “coast” the rest of the way.

Technically, if the law NEVER allowed one to coast in neutral, any stick driver would have to either break the law below about 5mph or allow their engine to lug and stall.

I’ve actually considered drivers who DO go 5,4,3,2,1 to a stop quite rare and personally found it an “odd” practice.

Finally, even auto drivers would do well to shift to N when trying to stop in snowy conditions when vehicle speed <5mph or therabouts, to keep from having to overcome gravity AND forward motive force…from personal experience, I’d say <25% of auto drivers do this.

The laws, as I understand them, do not restrict using a clutch, as that is not the same as going out of gear. Going to neutral does reduce your control over the car as you would need to put it into gear to add power.

That said I would guess it is automatics that have prompted the laws.

In any case it has no benefit and IMO a very small possible safety issue

I don’t believe you said whether it is Auto or manual, but if auto it is sencless and serves no purpose.