Coasting downhill

To save gas, I’ve been putting my '93 DeVille in neutral and coasting down long hills. Except for the danger to me, is there any danger for the car?

The danger to you? What about the danger to everyone else when you end up in the wrong lane?

You’re not saving any gas, so please stop doing this. It’s very dangerous.


If your foot is off the gas pedal, the engine is getting no more gas than it would at idle, regardless of the vehicle speed.

Coasting in neutral is dangerous and foolish. STOP IT!

Your actually using more gasoline than if you kept in in drive. In neutral, the engine needs some gas use to maintain idle. With the engine in gear, the ECM will cut the fuel, and close the idle air controller. Any time your foot is off the gas pedal, and the engine is above idle, the gas flow will be shut off.

So the short answer is, your creating a danger to yourself and others, and actually using more gas. Bad, bad decision.

WHOA…I sense a “it’s all about me”. You are putting everyone else in danger when you do this. And you are not saving any gas. Don’t do this.

The others are correct. In addition, even if you could save a LITTLE gas, it would be so little that you couldn’t measure it. Your driving habits, however, can save significant gas: Light foot on the throttle; drive slower (not obnoxiously slow); don’t accelerate towards stopped traffic (duh); plan errand and commute trips.

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