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Clutch wont work after replacing motor on 89 chevy

Hello I have a question for you. We recently replaced the motor on a 1989 chevy. It has a 4.3 v-6 manual transmission and it’s a 1/2 ton. But now the clutch wont get presure after bleeding. We replaced the slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder but it still wont work. We have also pumped the heck out of the clutch petal and still no presure. Any Suggestions?

Has the clutch assembly been apart? If so, the clutch disc is not in backwards is it?

The truck is an 89 but what year is the engine you used? I do not know off the top of my head any differences in engines, year, clutch applications, etc. but if you look at the link I provide and click on the “See all vehicles this product fits” it shows the clutch assembly is proprietary to the models listed.
If the engine you have did not come from a vehicle on that list it’s possible a different clutch assembly could be required.

Just verifying here, but fluid is being pumped out of the slave cylinder bleed nipple isn’t it?