Clutch question for 98 Saturn SL1

I have a Saturn SL 1. Can the clutch be adjusted on it or does it need to be replaced? It only engages when my foot is almost off the pedal, and I cannot go faster than 30 mph without getting high rpms. My problem is that the repairmen I got estimates from say it will cost 600 to replace, and I don’t want to pay that much if it is possible to adjust. Thanks for any insights!

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These cars use hydraulics for clutch release and engagement so, there is no adjustment within the linkage as you might be used to. There is a clutch master cylinder (actuated by the clutch pedal) and a “slave” cylinder (which actuates the release lever). You can check the reservoir of the master cylinder and add fluid if it is low (although, one should check for leaks because, why should the reservoir be low or empty?) bleed any air out of the system. The release “slave” cylinder is a sealed unit and not repairable."

I do not know about your car but years ago the slave cylinder could be moved in or out to adjust the clearance at the release bearing. If the clutch slips much it won’t take long to burn it up.

There is no adjustment on the clutch mechanism in your car. If it’s slipping, it’s time for a new clutch. $600 seems like a pretty fair price.