Clutch problem

Hi, my trucks clutch gets really bad on long drives in hot weather. I would think that it was simply that I need a new clutch–except that my worst experience was a full four years ago on returning from a distant camping trip in July. I barely made it home. I intended to attempt to drive it to the nearest garage in the morning. In the morning it was like new–until the next July, and the next and the next…What’s up?

The clutch master cylinder requires replacement.

When the weather gets warmer, the underhood temperatures increase. This heats up the clutch master cylinder which is located under the hood. This then causes the bore within the clutch master cylinder to expand slightly. If the cup seals within the clutch master cylinder are at all worn, the hydraulic fluid bypasses the seals so no hydrualic pressure is developed at the clutch slave cylinder. So the clutch becomes inoperative and you can’t shift the transmission.


Thank you tester–that sounds like the problem exactly, and the correct solution.