Clutch length

I have a 2003 wrx ( not sti ) with some customizations but the clutch on the car seems unnecessarily long since the bite point is early on to engaging the clutch but is there anyway to shorten the clutch or would that be too much trouble or impossible haha

Get under the dash and push in the clutch. See the rod going through firewall? There’s a locknut on that rod. Loosen the locknut, then take off the retainer clip and remove the pin. Now turn the U joint so that it moves lower on its threads. No more than 2 turns. Button everything back up and see if the engagement point is more to your liking. Be careful not to overadjust or you will have issues.

From what I see the full-stroke spec for adjusting the clutch pedal is 130-135 mm. How does yours stack up? It’s possible to get clutch problems if the pedal bushings get worn out w/use. Does the pedal deflect in left/right direction more than you’d expect? If so, that’s an indication of possible worn bushing problems. There’s a customer interest bulletin for clutch judder on this car , 03-51-02R.