Clutch jolting question

I’m the owner of a 2002 Subaru WRX with a manual transmission and notice that the vehicle shudders a lot when I’m releasing the clutch. It’s like the clutch slips and catches, which jolts the car as it begins moving. This usually just happens in first gear. Should I get the clutch looked at, is that normal for a sporty car, or am I just a bad driver?

It can be normal for a sporty car, actually. I’m not entirely sure what kind of clutch is in the WRX, but based on its numbers, I’m guessing it’s a fairly aggressive one. High-friction clutches can cause chatter.

Has it always done this, or is this new? If it’s new, check your engine mounts. One might be bad, which would magnify normal clutch chatter.

If you are questioning whether or not bad driving skills are a possibility, you should probably take the car to a mechanic and let them test drive the car, and go for a test drive with you driving the car. A good mechanic can diagnose a problem with your clutch, and any problems with your driving skills and habits. I have done this on a few occasions.

All my manual trans Hondas have done the same thing–never had to replace a clutch on 2 cars sold with 212k and 157k respectively. I don’t think it is a problem but you might want to hear from some Subaru folks–should be tons of them here on an NPR board.

The engine mount on the driver’s side firewall of many Hondas was often oil filled and some even had a vacuum operated chamber in efforts to minimize engine vibrations and simultaneously hold the engine firmly in place when pulling away from a standstill. Failure of those mounts caused all manner of jolting and jerking and heavy vibrations of the dash and steering wheel. And as noted above, the motor mounts would be a good place to start in finding the cause of the OP’s problem.

If this is a new problem, I’m going to suggest that the anti
shudder springs in your clutch are worn out.Those are the little springs that sit sideways in the chutch plate.