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Climate control hard to move, Mazda 1996 protege

128,000 + miles

The lower climate control is physically hard to move like something is blocking it. However, the intensity control moves just fine. Both do their job of controlling the temperature/intensity, etc.

Why might the lower control be hard to move? Can I fix it myself?


If it is the temperature control it may have an old cable that is sticking and needs to be replaced.

Lay on your back on the front floor and with a flashlight see if you can find the cable that moves a little as you move the knob. If it’s covered with a plastic sheath, there’s not much you can do. If you see a bare wire spiral, spray it with WD40. If you can see either end of the cable, lube that too.

My garage is 100 degrees right now so I will wait till the morning to locate the cable or when it gets cooler here in Kansas…