I have a 2002 Ford Escape. I turned the key this morning and all the dash lights came on but only heard clicking. It’s always freezing this morning-in the 20s. This is the first time it happened.

Get a jump start. If the battery is 4 or 5 years, consider changing it. You can get an auto parts store to check the battery and alternator, at curb-side, for free.

Could it be the battery? Everything works-the radio, lights, windows.

You can get the battery tested for free at many local auto parts stores, and then you will have a definitive answer instead of someone speculating online.

Your battery could easily have enough power left to power the accessories but not enough power to start the vehicle. Getting it tested is the only way to know for sure.

My 6 year old battery was tested and it was time to replace it! Thanks for the advice.

Thanks For The Feed-Back!
Hello Kit and Whitey were exactly right. That old battery didn’t owe you a thing.
We always appreciate hearing back from people seeking advice.
Good Luck and enjoy motoring.

Point of information:

When a battery is 6 years old, it is due for failure in many cases. Since the alternator has to “work overtime” to keep an old battery charged before the battery finally dies, it is very possible to damage the alternator simply by delaying the replacement of an old battery.

Since no-maintenance batteries can fail without warning, and because the alternator can be damaged by continuing to use a weak battery, I tend to replace my battery every 4 years. At the very least, a conscientious car owner should have a load test performed on the car’s battery once it is 4 years old. Otherwise, the supposed economy of “getting one more season” out of that battery can wind up costing a LOT more money when the alternator has to be replaced.