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Clicking upon hard left turn only on passanger side front

1996 Toyota Corolla sedan. Local reputable mechanic feels that problem is transaxle as it moves by hand. The cv half-axles were replaced two years ago with no currently broken boots. The car shifts and downshifts as if new. Is this perhaps mis-diagnosis? I’m being referred to a company to change out/repair my transaxle’s differential.

Whoa! The transaxle moves by hand? Please explain.

The transaxle cannot be moved by hand. No way!

The drive axles, perhaps, can be moved by hand, but not the transaxle. I just doesn’t happen.

Get a second opinion from another mechanic. Don’t tell the second mechanic what the first one said. It’s really hard to believe a '96 Corolla needs a new transaxle.

How many miles on this car?

second diagnosis. i had the same issue with my van. the front bearing was clicking. mc has good advice, second opinion, blind, no helping lead them to the problem. let another independent mind take a look.