Clicking sound in 1993 Nisson Truck Hard body

I live in CA and was going camping and drove 90 miles or so and my engien started clicking and as i slowed down the oil light came on and would flash. I check all the fluids before i left on the trip and where fine and same with when i stoped to investagate. It makes the clicking noise all the time and the oil light comes on when ideling and slowing down but no when moving or excelerating. The Truck is a 1993 4x4 hard body SE V6 3.0lt i got it used with 150,000 miles on the odometer (not really sure if it is right)

i have a 1997 nissan hard body.i would get the oil pressure check,could have a bad oil pump. oil sending unit could be bad.

Get the actual oil pressure tested ASAP. The possible causes can be a bad sensor but also can be a worn out engine.

Oil pumps rarely go bad, but if the spaces between the wear surfaces through which they pump the oil to maintain a pressurized barrier and prevent wear are too worn and too big, the oil will flow through too readily and the pump won’t be able to maintain pressure. In an engine that age and mileage, that would be my giess.

If my hunch turns out to be correct, you can try a bigher base weight oil. That might help.