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Clicking noise on low RPM (Video)

I own a Toyota Avensis 2004 1.6 petrol, whenever I turn AC on and I drive a high gear with low rpm or even low gear with low rpm it makes a clicking noise as shown in the video below, what could be the cause of this or what should I try to identify the problem?

Can you do another video with the hood open, and if possible the AC compressor clutch while it is doing this?

Go and see a mechanic ASAP because that doesn’t sound too good.Better be safe than sorry!

If is does not do this in park or neutral, then yes, I am with CORROLLAGUY1.

If it makes the noise when parked, brakes on, in D, you might can narrow down what’s causing it using a lengh of old garden hose as a stethoscope. Probe around int he engine compartment, maybe you can narrow it down. No way to tell via the internet, but my wild-guess speculation is the serpentine belt tensioner is failing. After that the AC compressor.