I have a 94 ford taurus. My front right caliper/brake pads/roter were in need of replacement. The caliper was beginning to malfunction and permanently lock down on the tire.

Myself and a friend replaced the caliper/roter/pads entirely this weekend, but new problems arose.

Now, the car has a clicking coming from the site of the repairs that is linked to the rotation (i.e clicking increases as acceleration increases.) Additionally, there is a burning smell coming from the repair site that I can’t pinpoint (maybe plastic or rubber.)

Lastly, the car shakes in reverse, and is then less shaky in drive and park. Possibly engine mounts?

I don’t want to invest any money I don’t have to. I want to drive this car maybe another 300 miles before I sell it. I want it to be in working condition when I sell it, and not simply pass off a time bomb.

Remove the wheel, and rotate the axel by hand, while listening for the "click"
The brake HOSE may be the part which is keeping the brake applied. You can check the flow from the brake hose by: Loosening the brake bleeder, attaching a clear tube to the nipple, have someone depress the brake pedal while you observe the brake fluid flowing from the brake bleeder. The flow should be a steady, small, stream. If it isn’t, the brake hose is plugged. Replace.
Engine shake: Tune engine (spark plugs, etc.).

I meant to mention in my original post that I in fact had to replace the hose as well, so that’s brand new too. Not to say it still couldn’t be the problem, but I imagine severely less likely as the part is new.