Cleaning Up Spilled Antifreeze

I had a major spill of antifreeze in my trunk. It’s all over my tools, all in the bottom of the trunk under the spare–everywhere. I have a cat and my neighbors have pets, etc. How can I get it out of all the nooks and crannies? Can I just wipe down my tools and they are safe? I spread cat litter in the bottom of the trunk and I intend to go vacuum it out at the car wash. Is this safe? Finally, can I use other cleaning agents (like vinegar) to clean it up? Any advice is appreciated (except maybe from the guy on another thread who thinks you can sprinkle it on your lawn…?! Thanks!

Cat litter or some of that sand-like stuff that’s specially made for cleaning up spills should take care of it. Seriously, you can only clean it up where you can get to it. If it’s made its way into some small nook that you can’t reach, you’ll just have to let it go.

It’s not a huge concern for animals because it’s not on the ground. As long as you don’t have entire puddles of the stuff laying around for a dog/cat to lap up, you should be fine.