Cleaning oily engine

2004 Camry, 130K miles. (Drop-down menus are not letting me select make/model.)

Amazing! On oil change last Wednesday, Trusted Independent Mechanic left the oil fill cap loose. I guess that explains the exhaust noise that sounded like it came from the engine area, and the exhaust smell in the passenger compartment. (I had assumed it was an unfortunate coincidence – how could an oil change cause an exhaust leak?)

There is a moderate bit of oil sprayed around the engine. What process or product should be used to clean the engine? Drive belt doesn’t look very oily, but will check again; any tips on inspection?
Open-frame alternator looks like it might have some oil on it; any concern? How can I tell if the sound-insulating material on the underside of the hood need to be cleaned or maybe replaced? Anything else I should be looking for?

(My mechanic is trusted enough that I’m sure he will swallow the cost.)

Use a product like “simple green”.Just spray it on,scrub a little and hose it down with a hose. Put some plastic bags to protect the electrical and fuse box before you start rinsing the grime off your engine bay.

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I’d just wipe up what you can with paper towels and rags. A spray-on engine cleaner can damage belts, wires, and maybe even gaskets, which wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

After you wipe up what you can, I might take it through a car wash that has an under-spray.

I use brake parts cleaner.

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