Cleaning fluid line: Clutch Reservoir to Clutch cylinders

1992 model same as Mitshi Eclipse: The clutch pedal has no resistance, just free play like it was linked to nothing. (shifting no longer works properly… car has no control just jack rabbits forward or reverse when shifted) I looked into my clutch fluid reservoir and the internal rubber ring/seal has completely dissolved over the years…it was empty , when I put in new fluid nothing went down. I believe the line is clogged and no fluid is in the cylinders… How can I clean this line? Would compressed air work?

Replace the clutch master and slave cylinders after flushing the hydraulic line.


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What Tester said. With both MC and SC removed, then I would say blowing compressed air through the line should be okay. If there are any other non-metal components attached to the line, they might require replacing.
Or simply replace the line (~$40) when replacing the MC and SC.

I’m presuming you’ve already fixed the problematic seal. Are you certain that seal’s failure is why there was no fluid in the clutch MC’s plastic bottle? If so, then it must have leaked out and resulted in a clog between the bottle and the MC. It might be possible to repair the MC clog with the MC still installed, but I wouldn’t, better to remove the MC first. In that case and MC is more than 4 years old, no sense installing the old one. Install a new one instead. You can rebuild the old MC in spare time, no hurry, and you’ll be ready for when the new one eventually fails. Assuming clutch MC rebuild kits are available.

I doubt slave or line requires removal, just flush line & slave with clutch fluid thoroughly.