What are the 4 basic classifications of engine gaskets?

Do you mean the different kind of material-designs used for head gaskets?

Good, about to blow, blown, defective.



Do your own homework.

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Good question but nobody really has to know. If it fits the holes and is the right one, it will be the right one. Who Wants to be a Millionaire could use the question.

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I think there are FAR more than 4 types . . .

In New Jersey, people wind up their cars in the morning. And why are people so afraid of quick screen changes on internet browsers?

How does this relate to the gasket question and what is winding up a car? And why mention internet browsers?

I know what winding up a clock is . . . and it only applies to pretty old devices

Winding up a car . . . maybe somebody is trolling us?

unless Alexander meant “warming up their cars in the morning” . . . ?