Classic car for the dog/camping trips?

Quite possibly a not so reliable money pit.


So here in NEw England Pickups seem to hold value better than equivalent SUVs so I’m thinking Used SUV is the better value in trucks. (Old truck is more desirable than old people mover)

Honda Element is on my search list and in price range.

older Subaru… Here Subaru’s have crazy resale value and tend to be used to the last drop before my budget (bajas are dumb but tempting)

I’ve heard too many stories about terrible quality in Caravans… maybe an Odyssey would be a practical if not a bit lame choice

Despite my mistrust of Chrysler 4.0L XJ Cherokee’s are on the list but most have severe rust issues. (Wrangler unlimited sounds cool they don’t seem to depreciate at all)

I found a 4wd Toyota t100 extended cab with 165k miles for sale today for $3650. No one wants those. If I was in the market, I’d jump on that.

My opinion, I’d pass on a Subaru. Chrysler 4.0 is bulletproof. The auto trans is not. Honda Element - is the ground clearance any better?

I found a 4wd Toyota t100 extended cab with 165k miles for sale today for $3650. No one wants those. If I was in the market, I’d jump on that.

Thanks! I completely forgot about those! I’ve been searching listings for Tacoma’s and Tundras.

You can go by rumors, I guess. I can go by the fact that we drive our 23 model-years old (purchased new) Dodge Caravan daily. It’s a people, golf clubs, bicycle hauler, and grocery getter. I don’t believe I’ve put $100 dollars into it beyond routine DIY maintenance, but suit yourself. However, this van has never been driven in salt country. When I lived in the north for the winter/salt season it was parked.

My opinion, but since you are in salt country, most of what you find in a budget of $5,000 is going to be a rust bucket and come with the problems associated with corrosion and expensive to keep on the road. Such a vehicle could be short lived. I would tread lightly there.

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No I haven’t owned or driven a Caravan, but the Engineer in the Cube next to me had no end of issues with her Caravan which she bought new ?06’? and kept around 8years. I got an ear full about failures.

Hopefully that caravan was the exception… My brother has a Fairly new Town and Country. it rides and looks great and I had fun riding in the back watching duck tales with my nieces. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you know how well your friend maintained her Caravan? Just because she’s an engineer doesn’t necessarily mean she maintained her cars.

Wow there are some Mopar Loyalists here.

Well… her and her husband both had the knowledge and capability to maintain it but I think she would have Hated that van even if she wasn’t bringing it in for warranty claims. She was a little disgruntled, they went with the Caravan for a two-for package deal so her husband could get the Ram he wanted.

I will say my Moms PT was one of the most reliable cars my parents have owned :smiley: . However my brother’s Stratus had complete transmission failure at 40kmi :roll_eyes:

I’m not a Mopar lover, just asking questions knowing that a lot of people don’t maintain their vehicles well. I am an engineer, though. I know other professionals that don’t maintain their cars well. There is a lawyer down the street that had three minivans during the time we had only one. I know we kept ours up, but seeing the condition of theirs, I don’t think they took car of them.

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