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Chk engine light flashing

i have a 1996 ford taurus lx v6 3.0 dohm…my check engine light flashing. then it stop flashing…i did replace spark plug,wires,coil pack…when it start to flash i put it gear the car start to shake and sputter.i really don’t know why its doing that the car has about 150000 miles on it…i do get a code p0302 Cylinder #2 Misfire…the new plugs and wires and coil pack is about 2 weeks old…

Time for a compression test.

i just got off phone with pep boys about that and thanks for your help

If the compression looks ok swap the #2 injector with another one and see if the misfire follows.

Concerning the injectors . . .

Once you access the injectors, check the resistance. If #2 has much lower resistance, it’s shorted. If the resistance is 0.L, it’s open circuit

In other words, all the injectors should have the exact same resistance

db4690 makes a good point. If you make it to the need to look at injectors there’s no point in swapping them around if one has an obvious problem, and checking the resistance isn’t hard. A repair manual would probably have resistance specs in it, though if you can’t find that comparison usually tells you plenty.

i do know chk engine light just flashes once a week sometimes the chk engine light don’t flash at all it just stays solid light.

well i had a compression test done today and test was good so thats good news.ill keep you guys up to date

Had a Focus that got the shakes,replaced the cheap OEM injectors and it ran like a new one-Kevin

well i was told today that it was the alternator was going bad…as soon you turn on heater on the battery light just blink…the more stuff they turn on more the light came on…and i said what about misfire he said that can cause that too…

misfire too and i don’t how that can be poible

Because if the alternator isn’t putting out enough juice the spark may be weak enough to cause misfiring. Get the electrical system working properly first and then worry about the misfire if it’s still there.

It could also be something like a bad ground. Make sure all the ground wires have good connections before you replace the alternator. Also make sure your battery is good.