Chevy Silverado starting problem


I have a 2000 Chev. Silverado 5.3 that does not want to start after it is warm & sits for 60 min… My mechanc replaced the TPI and ran fuel pump tests, ignition test yet it still is hard to start after sitting an hour after it is warm. Cold starting is fine as is starting it within an hour of being warm. He & I are both at a loss. Any ideas ?


I had a similar problem which drove me nuts. Except it was on a Ford Mustang. Turned out to be carbon buildup in the engine. I had a fuel/air induction service done, and since then (3 months aggo) it has started perfectly every single time. It cost me $120 to get it done. Since then I have learned that you can do it yourself if you go to Autozone and buy a $6 can of Seafoam and follow the instructions.