Chevy Silverado rear end issue

I recently had to have my rear end replaced on my 99 1500 4wd silverado. Now when I put it in 4wd the rear wheels don’t spin right, there seems to be a lot of torque and the wheels skid on the pavement. Is it possible that the incorrect rear end was installed?

Yes, it’s possible…Are your tires a matched set of four?? Mismatched tires can cause this too…

What work, exactly, was performed on your truck?? A NEW differential or a salvage yard rear-end assembly?

All 4 are matched and new and the rear end was a salvage yard rebuild with a 90 day warranty.

Somewhere on the differential cover (back side) or “pumpkin” (front side) there will be a metal tag with the gear ratio stamped on it. It will look like 323, 355, 373, 410, 411, 455, something like that…On your truck, these numbers MUST BE THE SAME!! Sometimes they are SLIGHTLY different, like 4.11 in the rear and 4.10 in the front. But that’s it, no more than 1/100 part difference…Find the tag on your front axle…What does it say?

I would definitely avoid driving this truck until the problem is resolved and just offhand, it does sound like the wrong axle ratio.

Just curious, did the salvage yard do the installation?

I also vote for gear ratio mismatch.

You can still drive the truck. You just can’t use 4wd:)

Thank you everyone for your responses. I think at this point you all have confirmed what I thought, that the wrong one was put in. I’ll be taking it back armed with this info to get them to fix it.