Chevy Prizm 1998 heating and cooling

I have a Chevrolet Prizm 1998 and the heat and cooling system only works on the highest setting which is actually the fan setting. When I have it on any of the other settings such as low or med nothing comes out, it doesn’t work. I can hear it click on but nothing comes out. So when I’m driving depending on the weather I have the heat or cold air blasting out of the fan until it gets annoying and I turn it off. I’ve checked the fuses and they’re good. I have not checked the relays because I’m not sure how to do that. Any ideas? I haven’t taken it to a shop because I’m poor and don’t have a trustworthy mechanic and it works just not on low or med. Should I have this looked at? I don’t want to be causing any damage but it seems like it could be something simple.

This is what you need. It is located under the dash passenger side. Under the glovebox unplug it remove two screws install the new one plug in. Easy peasey!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I just wanted to thank you for this. I got the part and it was easy peasy! Thanks so much you saved me a lot of time and money.