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Chevy pickup transmission

i can smell transmission oil burning through my engine. Can you tell me if it is because my modulator is faulty, or do I even have one? Do I have a solenoid instead? How do I get to the part, whichever one it may be?

Do you have a leak. Usually the torque converter seal or drive shaft seal will drip on the exhaust manifold.

If you have a modulator you will find it on the left side of the transmission . Actually, I don’t remember which side. There will be a vacuum line connected to it. If you remove the hose and it has fluid in it or it is wet or softened by the fluid, you should replace the valve and the hose. If you remove it and fluid shoots out of the hole the transmission was too full of fluid. Once the fluid drains out of there the level is good.

What year is the 2500??


Hey dont know if you are still active on this site or not, I have a Chev 2500 1993 4x4 and the weather dropped below 20 degrees and the transmission just stopped
working when in 4x4 on floor whether in 2h 4low or 4 high when I shift the colum shifter to od or any forward or reverse gear the rpms build up and it doesnt move.
A couple times when I first start it and put in D I hear a loud whinning and sometimes it moves forward a little then stops. I had no problems prior to getting cold. It started when It was shifted from 4hi to 4 lo was stopped and was in park it went about 100 feet and then this started, The fluis is very dark almost like black but no burnt smell, Please Help

You should post this as a separate thread to get the most help here. My Ford truck exhibited similar symptoms (but unrelated to 4WD vs 2WD) one time, and the solution was a transmission rebuild. A proper transmission service is probably your next step.

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