Chevy K 3500 Transmission

Bought a 1999 K3500 with Manual trans. When in over drive and coming to a stop it will not come out of OD unless I fully engage the clutch prior to getting to the stopping point. It will not come out of OD from a dead stop. This rig had an overhaul about 5,000 miles before I bought it. Recently I have had problems getting it into and out of Reverse. I hope it does not need another overhaul. Any simple fixes or what should I be perpared for at the Transmission shop?

Have the clutch release system evaluated for not completely disengaging the clutch. Otherwise it could be a dragging clutch.

Those are classic symptoms of a dragging clutch…The clutch is not releasing fully. Sometimes a simple linkage adjustment can cure this, sometimes not…

Thanks for the help. I will check into it.

Thanks for the help. I will check into it.

Do I have to take it to the shop or can I do this exterally??