Chevy HHR will not turn pver

My Chevy HHR will not turn over. Light radio all work. Checked battery cleaned posts will not turn over. Replaced starter with one from Rock Auto will not turn over, replaced egnition part under steering wheel checked all fuses. What am I missing . Just shut car down went to start next morning won’t turn over no clicking sound. Crank shaft sensor maybe??? I am at a loss thanks for your time. It is 2008

And another perfectly good starter gets dumped in the bin…

So, is the starter getting any voltage when you turn the key? Is the start relay getting voltage when you turn the key?


Ignition switch possibly or one of the fat cables from the battery to their other ends. They can corrode internally.

Not the crank sensor - the engine will turn over with a bad crank sensor, it just won’t start and run.

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If this car has one, that relay is on the list of usual suspects.

About the starter: you can have the factory starter tested and, if need be, fixed by an auto electric shop.That’s my preferred route anyway. Aftermarket starters, new or rebuilt, are of spotty quality, but I did OK once with one.

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have you had the battery checked? you can have enough volts to turn on radio and stuff but not enough to turn the starter. make sure all your wires are clean and tight.


Why do diagnostics when you can just start replacing stuff like you know what you’re doing.


Try starting in Neutral if it has an automatic transmission. If it’s a manual, the problem could be the clutch switch.


Open the door and make sure the dome lights are on

Now try to start the engine

Does the dome light get dim while you’re turning the key to start position . . . ?!


Thanks guys for all the great response. After testing narrowed down to netural safety switch. Sorry I could not get to you guys quickly. I have been working 12 on 12 off for the last few days

Thanks PvtPublic your answer was soooo helpful