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Chevy Heat Soak

Has anyone had a Heat soak problem with a Chevy S-10. Mine won’t start when It’s hot.

Just any ole year, sub-model, and engine? Fuel injection or carb?

“98” 4Cyl. Fuel Injection.

Before suspecting a heat soak problem, check the positive battery terminal for corrosion.

Remove both battery terminals from the battery, and then peel back the red rubber cover for the positive terminals to check for corrosion. If you find a white/greenish powder under this red cover, replace the positive battery cables.


Thank You, yeah, I checked both cables and both are clear. I had the Battery and Starter checked at Auto Zone and Both are Fine. I Noticed that the Exhaust is very close to the Starter and The Truck will not start after driving for 5 or ten Min. If you let it sit for about 30min. it starts right up.

Then there may be a heat soak problem with the starter. Especially if the starter is old. At this point what can be done is a current draw test on the starter when it gets hot to see if the starter requires replacement.


The starter heat shield may be missing. Check your repair manual, or the Chevy dealer, to find out if it had one.