Chevy Cruze clutch worn out at 15,000 miles! Tips for longer lasting clutch?


If you have a Chevrolet dealer do it, the clutch will be OEM. If you use an independent shop or do it yourself, you can use an aftermarket clutch. For an indie shop, ask what the price is for OEM and aftermarket and what the mechanic recommends.


OEM or aftermarket, if the clutch meets OEM specifications and is installed properly, you shouldn’t notice a difference.

These days it’s hard to find a youngish mechanic who knows how to replace a clutch, so I’d favor a dealership for something like this for that reason. A dealership mechanic is likely to have more experience and training on this particular job.

BTW, on my car, the OEM clutch lasted more than twice as long as its aftermarket replacement. I think it was a botched installation that led to premature wear. Goodyear had to do the clutch job twice, and it never did shift normally after even the second attempt due to a broken motor mount Goodyear never noticed (because maybe they broke it?).


Yeah, as long as you do your research and can be fully confident that the aftermarket meets or exceeds OEM standards.


OR…buy from a reputable auto parts store that doesn’t sell junk. Not that difficult


What, like NAPA? Advanced? O’Reilly’s? I’ve found junk at all of 'em. Do the research. Then buy.


Some aftermarket clutch kits geared for performance vehicles can require considerably more force on the clutch pedal to effect a gear change. Unless you want that for some reason, be sure to buy a clutch repair kit designed for a normal passenger car driving style. I wouldn’t buy an oem clutch kit just b/c it was oem myself, no reason the aftermarket versions couldn’t do t the job, but I’d want to know what brands folks who’ve done that job before seemed to have good luck with. I’ve heard that NAPA is a good source for clutch kits. My local (non-chain) auto parts store is who as a start.


We have a couple local parts store chains here in NH. They carry quality parts. Not the junk those national chains carry. Although NAPA is pretty decent, just expensive. They have anywhere from 2 - 20 stores in the region. The nation chains are great for wax and wiper blades. One place I use has a full line of Denso and NGK parts are the OEM supplier for many of the vehicles I buy. And there’s on-line. Do a little research and you can find the manufacturer of the auto part you’re looking for. GM does NOT make clutches. They are made for them.


I believe Valeo makes/made the clutches for the GM large commercial trucks . . . the ones with the Eaton Fuller cast iron 5 and 6 speeds