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Chevy Colorado Clutch

2004 Chevy Colorado with 5-speed manual. It only has 30,000 miles on it, but the clutch appears to need adjustment. It engages about 1-2" from the top. Is there a clutch adjustment?

I seriously doubt you can adjust today’s hydraulic clutches. This truck should still be under the factory warranty, right? This symptom usually indicates the clutch is nearly worn out, which can be caused by either a defect or by driver abuse. This isn’t your first vehicle with a manual transmission is it?

Does your owner’s manual specify the amount of “free play” that is supposed to be in the clutch? I remember the owner’s manual of the 1954 Buick I owned specified that the clutch should have 1"-2" of free play. I don’t know about more modern cars. In those days the clutch travel was adjustable. I have know idea what the free play specifications are today or whether or not the clutch can be adjusted.

Low miles, but it’s a 2004 so I think it’s out of warranty. Driver abuse is unlikely. We bought it new for our college-aged son, but he has been away at college much of the time. Most miles on the truck are mine and I have had several standard transmission cars before.