Chevy Aveo

I have a 2006 Chevy Aveo and I was able to turn it on but when I push on the gas nothing happened, a mechanic that we know said that it sounded like an air flow sensor and the air regulator and the parts were only at the dealership. Just want to know what does this sound like to you? Don’t want to have to go to dealership, it might cost an arm and a leg. Thank you! :slight_smile:

What does “nothing happened” mean? Does the engine rev as it normally would?

It doesn’t rev at all! nothing happens, its on but when i push on the gas it does nothing…

If you’re sitting at idle and you press on the gas and it continues to just sit and idle as if you never pressed the throttle then you have one of two problems depending on the kind of throttle system. If yours is a mechanical throttle - meaning the pedal is attached to a cable that opens the throttle plate then you probably have a broken cable or disconnected linkage. This kind of problem is easy and you might be able to pick up on it just by opening the hood and looking.

But at some point GM started using electronic throttles which don’t have a cable. There’s a sensor at your feet and and basically a motor at the throttle. The sensor sends the pedal info to the motor & the motor does the work (rather than your foot & a cable). This problem would be more complicated as you have a whole system of things to worry about. Do you know anyone who knows anything about cars? Either way, many decent shops should be able to check this out - rather than having to use a dealer.

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Rocket science ? GM says that some 2006-2007 Aveos suffer from throttle bodies that stick shut or freeze shut i cold weather conditions. They usually trigger DTCs P1516, P2106, and/or P2110. The fix is an ECM reprogramming.