Chevy 350 timing

does anybody no what the timing for a 81 chevy 350 is supposed to be. its got a compcam in it which issupposedd to be 4 degrees advances, but the guy i bought the car from said they 0 everything out. so does this mean that the cam 4 degrees advance was also taken away the equal 0 since they zeroedeverythingg out. if so what should the total and base timing be if it is or if its not 0

The timing is dependent on many variables and no one has a divining rod to determine the correct timing to any engine. The ideal timing for an engine is at the highest point short of detonation under hot, heavy acceleration and hitting back on the starter, both indications of pre-ignition.

Camshaft timing and ignition timing are two separate things. For ignition timing, most SBC’s run good with initial timing set at 6 or 8 degrees BTDC. Your HEI distributor has both a vacuum advance and centrifugal advance built into it, giving a TOTAL ignition advance of around 50 degrees. When setting the initial advance, disconnect the vacuum line to the distributor…