Chevy 350 heater hose in and out on the engine

wanting to no what the inlet and outlet ports for heater hoses on a chevy 350 i have a air gap intake with the the four water hoses 2 in the front and to in the back and of course the one on the water pump thanks in advance

Many different alternatives were used over the years. Some dumped the heater into the radiator. Often the water exited the engine at the water pump, sometimes at the thermostat housing. You might check the instructions that came with the intake for specifics on blocking water ports at the gaskets and the high rise intake may require some additional bypassing to keep head temperature uniform from front to rear and side to side and the four outlets make that possible. Also, the high rise might eliminate the exhaust crossover and use water to heat the plenum under the carburetor.

If someone with hands on high performance Chevy experience replies ignore my post. But I recall a chart of year to year differences in blocking the water jackets.