Chevrolet corvette

How do you reset the battery on a 2006 chevy corvette, I have keyless entry fobs and changed the batteries, it still shows on the display, “no fobs detected” any info will help, thanks, Donna Black

I’m assuming the batteries in the key fob were changed. The key fobs have to be resynchronized to the vehicle. This is the procedure for a 2000 Blazer from the owner’s manual.


Resynchronization may be necessary due to the security method used by this system. The transmitter does not send the same signal twice to the receiver. The receiver
will not respond to a signal it has been sent previously. This prevents anyone from recording and playing back the signal from the transmitter.

To resynchronize your transmitter, stand close to your vehicle and press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the transmitter at the same time for seven seconds. The door locks should cycle to confirm synchronization. If the locks do not cycle, see your dealer for service.

Check your owner’s manual for a similar procedure.

Ed B.

You need to reprogram all the keyfobs to the security receiver in the vehicle after replacing batteries.

Your owners manual MAY show how to do this.

If not, you’ll have to get a dealer to program one, then you MAY be able to do the others yourself.