Chev 7.4 stall

I have a 1995 chev 2500 with 7.4 TBI. It starts fine but does not want to stay running. The only way to keep it running is feathering and working the throttle and keeping the RPMs high. If allowed to idle it quickly begins dropping RPM and dies. At high RPM it still wants to loose RPM untill it stalls unless you continue to work the throttle. It acts as if it were starving for fuel but notice its blowing black smoke from the tailpipe as if the engine is loading up. Put in new fuel filter and checked injectors to see if screens were clear. Checked for loose connections on electrical and vacuum lines. Blocked off EGR. Made difference for a few minutes then resumed stalling. Took to dealership and they replaced Idle Air Control. This did nothing so they have worked on it for over a week and have no clue why it won’t run. They said they have checked every sensor and fuel delivery systems and everything checks out normal. They said at this point they might start putting on different parts from a wrecking yard just to see if that changes anything. Codes set were 16, 32, 35, 36 before taking it in.