Chemical leaks - Cherokee 2004

I get more or less constant wine-like odor in the salon, as well as intermittent burning match (sulphur?) one. These seem to be seeping from the outside, thrhough the ventilation system.

The car has a new radiator, and the heater core, there are no apparent coolant leaks.

Any ideas from the Collective Wisdom?

Wine in the salon? My wife is totally there!

I think “Salon” is the euro term for inside the car?

You may need to have the interior cleaned by a good “detail shop”. They will remove the carpets/padding and clean out the heater/AC ducts. If you recently had the heater core replaced it could be residual coolant in the lower dash or in the carpet padding. I had to do this with my motorhome because of the funky chemical smell that was left after the heater core ruptured. Leaving the windows open for a day while driving helped clear out the odor after the detail shop was finished.