Check engine only in Florida?

2000 Honda civic. I live in Milwaukee and teach in Florida. This is the second time I have made the drive down and I am having the same issue. After about a week in Florida my car will start to sputter in low gears, and in park. The idle speed rises and shifting up from low gears runs the rpms up. Then the check engine light comes on. I took it to the shop last semester with the same problem. They replaced the oxygen sensor three times. The problem seemed resolved. In the summer back in Wisconsin I have no similar problems. Fuel injector have been cleaned, oil changed more that regularly, spark plugs changed, trans drained and replaced. What gives? Any ideas. Thanks

To help long distance, need to codes that are set when check engine light comes on. Next time it happens, get them read at Advance Auto or AutoZone. They will read them for free and tell you what the codes are (like Pxxxx). Post them here and folks can better help you out. Without knowing the codes, any answer is a shot in the dark.