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Check Engine lite

My Ranger, the one with the ‘door ajar’ warning all the time has given me a new pain. It has about 112k on it, and acouple days ago, the check engine lite came on. Nothing seems to be ‘amiss’ so should I not panic, or do i need to get to a shop yesterday?

Go to an auto parts store and get the codes read, post the exact codes back here, for an evaluation. Advance Auto dies this for free; our O’Reilly will loan you the scanner for free; some Autozones will scan for free; others don’t. Code looks like P0123 or something like that.

Sometimes a loose gas cap can set this code. Check that out first. Best to get the codes read, anyway, though. If the check engine light starts flashing, get towed immediately to a mechanic shop. That is more serious than the check engine light you currently have.

Do as Jay suggest. Ignoring it could be costly. Something is wrong and it is almost always cheaper and easier to find out what it really is sooner than later.

Don’t assume the English translation they may offer for the number is the answer. It is not always that easy. Post the error code they give you and let’s go from there.

Only if the CEL(check engine) is flashing you need to visit shop ASAP.