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Check engine lihgt code

  1. code P0446 2. code P0155 CAN SOME ONE HELP ME WITH THESE CODES

This website is a great resource:

Unfortunately neither of those codes are all that easy to sort out and deal with. There’s a good chance that the P0155 would be fixed with a new O2 sensor but one does have to check out the wiring and all of that.

The P0446 will require you to get into the fuel evaporation system.

If you don’t do a lot of work on cars I think your best bet is a mechanic.

If you do tinker with cars your best bet will be a repair manual (bare bones manuals available in auto parts stores).

I agree, evap. system codes seem to be hard for the DIYer to resolve.

We need a car model and year and mileage. In a Maxima code 446 indicates the vent control valve, in a Lexus it means a failure in the Emission Control System Vent. Provide the model and year and type and mileage.

a 1996 nissan maxima v6 3.0l gxe automatic 162450 miles