Check Engine light

I have a 1994 Chrysler Town & Country.

When i cycle the key three time and leave the key in the on position i see the check engine light do this.

Just after the last cycle the check engine light comes one. Then it goes off for a very short while. After that it flashes five time then another pause. After this pause it flashes another five times.

So it is like this.

On (pause) on-off,on-off,on-off,on-off,on-off



What is this code?

Any body?

Sorry, I don’t know the reason for the code. I guess you are doing that to get a code or something, but I don’t know. So… Why are you doing this?

Have the codes read for free at most auto-parts stores and then you can tell us what they are…

Looks like the computer is generating a code 55. Do I know what that means? Nope. Do an internet search, or look through some Chrysler forums, see what you find.

55 indicates the end of the codes on Chrysler cars with ignition key code readout. But I thought that the readout when there are no codes was 12 55. (12 indicates the start of the code sequence). Maybe I’m wrong or maybe it’s different on different models.

You can skip Auto Parts Store. They read out OBD2 codes, but OBD2 is only found on 1996 and later vehicles. There are a few 1995 models with OBD2. No 1994s I think

55 is end of fault codes. You have no stored codes which is good. Are you having any drive ability problems?